So good copy is good content? Sometimes, yes. But good copy can also be bad content too. It’s all about the context and the tone of voice you use to present it in. To make your message more persuasive, you need to know what makes people tick so that you can tailor your words accordingly.

Here are some pointers:

  • Understand how our attention spans have changed over time
  • Know how to dress up a boring topic with a little wit
  • Get into their heads by asking yourself “what do they want most right now?”
  • Think about the problems people have and their deepest desires.
  • And finally, ask yourself: “is this going to make my audience feel good or bad about themselves?”

What is Good Copy?

So good copy is smart content written for a particular audience and in a specific context. It includes everything from the story you tell to the words, phrases, images and design choices that you use.

The thing about good copy is – good it isn’t good until it connects with its readers. If your reader doesn’t read it, good copy is not good.

What are the important parts of good copy

Our good friend Luke Sullivan calls this ‘the good bits’. This is because good copy consists of several different types of good bits, including your:

1 Headline

There are lots of theories about what makes a good headline but almost all agree on the one rule that it doesn’t tell the whole story – it makes you want to keep reading.

2 Sub-headline

A good sub-headline makes a good headline better (usually by giving the reader more detail). If you are in a position to write one, don’t be afraid. But even if you can’t, make sure that your good copy has some good bits and pieces so that it won’t end up being good for nothing.

A good sub-title is one that makes your copy stand out from the crowd, because good titles are about more than just making a good first impression – they work hard to keep you interested as well.

3 The Lead or First paragraph

This is the first paragraph of your copy, and serves as an introduction for your reader. It should give people enough information to make them understand what the content is about but also entice your reader further into the article so they read on.

4 Surprising fact, Story or Anecdote

Good copy can be informative, entertaining and inspiring all at the same time. A good lead should be all three.

A story is a great way to involve people in your copy and make them feel like they could relate to it no matter who they are or what their background is. And those that can do all these things at the same time deserve the title of “good copy”.

5 Graphic elements

Good design is one of the most powerful tools of good content because it makes people pay attention more easily. Graphic elementes can be images, info-graphics, GIF, video, tables, user comments … – but whatever it is, make sure that it works in the context of your headline and lead.

Good images and video’s can also be a great thing to include in your copy because they’re an instant visual distraction or ‘hook’, and good graphics are proven more likely to resonate with readers than plain text alone… sorry for that 🙂

6 The closing paragraphs (as necessary)

The closing paragraph should be used for your call to action – whether it’s a question, an offer or some other way that you can nudge your readers into taking the next step (“download this ebook now”, “watch our video for more info”, “share this with a friend” etc.).

One could argue that not all copy needs a call to action, however… we like to believe it’s best to have one. Even if it’s only a sign-off line that invites readers back into your content again and again…

7 Lead magnet / FREE gift… (as necessary) …

And finally, your lead magnet. Remember why you started reading this copy in the first place? Well, now is the time to let your readers know what they will get if they keep on reading.

How to get that good content?

Copy yourself

You can start be practicing. The more copy you write, the better it will become. I know it’s a cliché but the best way to become a better writer is to be constantly writing, whether its for your client or for yourself (as long as it’s authentic and not just something you’re writing because you think that’s what the audience wants).


You could also outsource your content. is one of those place that love to take on your copywriting project.

If outsourcing your copywriting sounds too expensive or difficult, you could try WebbWorks out for free. We now give you the first article completely without any cost. Look here to see if the offer still stands.


Good copy is a very effective tool in any marketing campaign. It can be informative, entertaining and inspiring all at the same time. You should aim for all three.

The most important part of good content is that it’s authentic to you as an individual or company. If your brand has been around for years with strong messaging already established, then great! Use this information to keep people invested in what you’re saying by staying true to yourself while also updating your language and style according to current trends if necessary (ex: using emojis more often).

There are many different ways to get started on getting great copy; so don’t hesitate but start today!

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