The ghostwriter industry is booming, but it seems that few people understand what ghostwriters do or how they can help you succeed online.

What are ghostwriters?

Ghostwriters are writers who work on books, articles, speeches or other materials that will eventually be credited to someone else once published.

They’re hired for their writing skills and their ability to remain anonymous in order for the person they’re working with to maintain control of his/her reputation.

It might not seem fair to do all the work and get no credits, but ghostwriters are fairly compensated for their services. If you think about it, there are many jobs where people who do all the work get none of the credits… for example: the bus driver rarely get credits for the good public transportation in our city. Politician get those credits 🙂

How ghostwriters work

When ghostwriters are hired, they usually get an interview with the person who will be credited for their work. They have a series of questions and topics to discuss in order to understand what the client wants to present in his/her book or website. The ghostwriter takes notes during this meeting and then writes a complete outline for the project.

The ghostwriter is then given permission by the client to use his/her name any way that he/she sees fit, as long as it can’t be traced back to them.

Ghostwriters may also conduct interviews with experts or other people on behalf of their clients (if needed). Their job is not limited only to writing – they help their clients reach their goals by delivering top content.

Why is it a secret?

Ghostwriters usually keep their ghostwriting work a secret – both to protect up line clients and for ghostwriter reputation (since some authors may be perceived as not being original or creative).

But it’s important to know what ghost writers do so that you can understand how ghostwriting services can help you reach your goals faster!

You are ghostwriting when… You:     

  • Edit or revise an existing piece, written by someone else;         
  • Write content from scratch based on ideas sketched out in outline form by someone else;      
  • Create or contribute to a Web site that is written by others about a topic of interest to you.

Ghostwriters online

There’s an even bigger market for ghostwriters online, specifically in the form of content writing for websites – ghostwriting on demand.

People who need good ghostwritten articles to fill up their blog or website for their business as well as Fortune 500 corporations can hire ghostwriters.

There are agencies online looking to appoint ghost writers at prices you would not believe! This is because ghostwriting is a part of what they do AND they make money off each ghostwriter they hire out – and it’s just one job position amongst many that ghostwriting companies have to offer.

Why would I need a ghostwriter?

If you’re thinking about publishing a book yourself soon, hiring a professional ghostwriter will help ensure the result is worth publishing. Despite your expertise and knowledge about any given topic, you might lack the skills to properly shape the material into a cohesive, compelling book.

Not only that, ghostwriters help ensure the final work is free of errors and conforms to any other style or format requirements.

Is it something for my business?

If you’re a small business who needs content for your website, ghostwriting can be a faster alternative than writing it yourself. It also ensures the material they use meets their expectations and targets their audience.  

Finally ghostwritten articles are often more polished and engaging than those written by non-professionals because ghostwriters have extensive experience writing professionally.

So hiring ghostwriter is not necessarily something bad – if done right!

What makes a writer a good ghotswriter?

The ghostwriter’s major challenge is to produce a manuscript that will be accepted as genuine, even though the ghostwriter is never acknowledged or credited.

His/her writing must appear natural and not forced, with few editing marks – if any – remaining in the final draft. Professional ghostwriters are able to write copy that flows well and meets client standards for accuracy.

A good ghostwriter must have excellent communication skills and an understanding of basic grammar. He also need to be detail-oriented and have the ability to quickly absorb information. Most important, he always keeps his eye on the goal.

Good ghostwriters can write under any name, but they should be honest and loyal to their clients. It is also important for them to have the ability to work closely with other people. 

Many freelance writers are often willing or required to take on some ghostwriting jobs; it’s an excellent way for these writers to earn extra income while not sacrificing time and attention to their personal projects.

A very skilful ghostwriter will leave no trace that he wrote something for someone else (other than the credit given) – read between the lines to find out how good a ghostwriter is by reading his sample writings!


Ghostwriters have been around for centuries and has always been an important part of society. Ghostwriters were most prevalent in the ancient world, especially among poets and authors who composed text on behalf of their patrons or employers, ghostwriters have long served as assistants to prominent people.

Today ghostwriters form an important part in all kinds of industries such as entertainment and arts through books, music lyrics, scripts for movies etc. ghostwriter can also work with politicians by writing speeches for them or helping improve public image by giving interviews.

This shows that ghostwriting is very much a global phenomenon that plays a vital role in both commercial and non-commercial sectors of society ranging from small business to big corporations.

Have you ever worked with ghost writers? Leave us your comments below about what ghostwriters do and how ghostwriting works!

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