Today, distraction is everywhere.

In today’s society distraction is everywhere. Whether it be picking up your phone from the side table or clicking onto an advertisement on your homepage. It’s almost impossible to avoid distraction in today’s society no matter how hard you try. But when it comes to copywriting and sales pages, distraction can easily make or break a sale.

It doesn’t help that our attention spans are becoming shorter than ever before either. With the average person only being able to retain 8-9 pieces of information in short term memory at one time (according to research by Microsoft), do you think you’ll be able to captivate them long enough?

Why distraction shouldn’t be in your content?

1 – You Lose Their Attention

Did you know that an average person can only focus on one task for a maximum of 7 minutes before becoming distracted? That’s how long it takes for them to complete their first job. Next, they try to find something else to do, and after two minutes they’ve already found something to distract themselves with.

2 – You Lose Their Trust

Distractions in your copy aren’t just unprofessional but when your prospect sees distraction after distraction within the content, it’ll start affecting their decision making process as whether or not they believe if you can deliver what you’re promising them.

3 – They Make More Mistakes

A distraction free sales page means more conversions for you! When there are no distractions and everything is clear, an individual’s chance of making mistakes decreases drastically. This means that you won’t be losing out on anymore leads because they can’t fill in all the details correctly.

4 – They Will Know You Care Enough to Focus Only on Them

When you give your prospect their full and undivided attention, they’ll be more likely to respond positively to what you have to offer. When you show them distraction free content, it’s like a sign saying “I care enough about what I’m doing right now that I don’t even want distraction!” Believe me, nobody wants an effortless sale these days! 

5 – Their Confidence Increases 

There is nothing wrong with challenging yourself when it comes to distraction-free copywriting. If anything, distraction free copywriting will increase confidence levels and improve the quality of your sales page.

When distraction is removed from your sales page, it presents a challenge for you to focus on what’s important. Once distraction is eliminated, you can literally see what lacks in your copy and how to fix it! That being said, distraction-free copywriting will make an even bigger difference when paired with effective subheadings within your content. Subheadings help captivate their attention because they already know where you’re taking them.

If you want to make more sales (and who doesn’t?) then distraction should never be allowed on your website or in any of your writing forms. Delete distractions and sell better!#

How do I reduce distraction?

So maybe distraction in everyday life isn’t something you can stop, but you CAN take steps to reduce distraction within your content and ads – this is where copywriters come into play!

There are 5 ways that top-notch copywriters eliminate distractions within their work:

1) Show Authority  

An out-of-the box way to get people to trust what they’re reading is to show your authority behind what you’re saying. By proving your expertise in the industry, it’ll make them more likely to listen to everything else that you have to say.

2) Use Subheadings and Bullets  

Both subheadings and bullets are distraction free ways of presenting information in a logical manner .For example, you can divide all different methods for distraction-free copywriting into separate categories with subheadings or write out each point as bullet points .This will give readers a quick overview of everything that’s going on within your content so they can easily go back and re-read specific parts later if needed.

3) Include a Call To Action Now

If there is no CTA present on the page, then there won’t be a distraction-free page. A call to action is essential in any sales page, or else it won’t be distraction free at all! You should include an effective CTA so that people will know exactly what they should do next.

4) Use Emotion Words  

When you’re trying to sell something, you’ll want your prospect to feel certain things – whether it’s excitement, desperation for getting a solution, or anything else. To help them feel the way you want them to feel about your copy and product/service , try using emotion words  that are sure to trigger the desired response.

5) Eliminate Unnecessary Information  

Do NOT include information that doesn’t benefit anyone involved .Remove anything unnecessary from your website and content. It doesn’t matter if it is related to distraction-free copy, irrelevant information will only get in the way of your prospect’s decision making process. delete distraction and sell better!

How distraction free writing can help even more:

There are plenty of other ways to improve your distraction-free copywriting skills – demonstrating that you’re an expert behind what you say, crafting a CTA within each piece of content on your site, among many others.

However, when it comes down to it, distraction-free writing is all about listening to consumers – asking them what they want and giving it to them without any extra fluff or clutter .You’ll be surprised how much success you’ll reach with just a few adjustments from the norm!

At the end

I believe that distraction in everyday life is unavoidable, but distraction in copy can be prevented. Thoughtful copy writing requires focus, a big challenge when you’re distracted by multiple things at once.

Use our tips and methods to show your authority, use subheads and bullets, include a call to action now if one isn’t present, use emotion words, and remove unnecessary information.

If you want more ideas on how to reduce distraction in your copy or help people make a decision about what they should do next then try out some of these distraction-free writing strategies.

If you need help with distraction-free writing, please contact us. We have copywriting services to help with distraction free copywriting.

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