It’s not often that people take the time to open an email newsletter. The purpose of this article is to provide you with information about how you might write a newsletter email that your receivers will actually open. We give you the best formula for email newsletters.

Why should you care?

Because using the right formula makes it easy for your contacts to read and understand. Make your emails well organized, provide clear graphics and pack tons of value…

The point is, you build a relationship with your readers. You train your readers… You earn their trust from the beginning by proving that your email is worth opening.

When they see an email from you, they open it because they want what you are offering. They know you pack value in your email and that’s gold!

Why you should still write email newsletters?

  • to earn the trust of your readers
  • to improve your email marketing campaign
  • to help your connections get more value
  • to build a relationship with your receivers
  • to make sure you are on top of mind when people need your products or services.

If you are promoting a product or service, building brand awareness is crucial. Hence people will know what you have to offer, what is your share in the market and how can they get more information about it if they want.

The best thing about email marketing is that people like getting information regarding things that interest them. So make sure not to disappoint them. Do not bombard your subscribers with promotions and advertisements.

Why these tips for writing email newsletters? Because if you are serious about your business, your need to get people to open your newsletter as often as possible.

So here it is, this is how you should write your email:

Copywriting email newsletters

Subject Line = Short and Sweet

The subject line should make people want to read and click on your newsletter. It shouldn’t give away too much about the newsletter so they are surprised by what is inside.

For example, “quick tricks to increase website traffic” or “The best way to get more sign-ups”. Simple and clear. Read the subject line as if it were being sent to you. Is it something that you would want to open?

The subject line in this email lets the user know what they will find inside but leaves some mystery.

Attention-Grabbing Lead

The first two sentences or lead should make the reader curious and want to read more. You are fishing here… if the subject is the bait, this is your hook.

A strong hook will draw in your audience and keep them engaged. You can use this formula for any kind of newsletter email, whether it’s an announcement, a product or service promotion, or another type of marketing message.  

Most inboxes (like Gmail) will show this line as a preview… So it is better is good.

Lesson as a Story

The lesson as a story means that you need to convey your point of view by using real case studies, examples, and experiences.

The best way to do that is by telling a story about a customer who used your service and how they benefited from it.  You can also tell stories about other people in your industry who are successful because of what you offer.

You should use a personal-sounding voice in your newsletters. like they’re from a friend. So, tell a story filled with valuable tips to your friends. Always personal, funny, and worth reading.

Clear Call-To-Action

Every newsletter email should have a call-to-action. The key is to be clear about what you want your readers to do.

It could be clicking on a link, signing up for a special offer, or reading another blog post, or even make a purchase.

At the end of the mail, tell your reader exactly what you want him to do. They got so far, so chances are they are interested in what you offer.

Use a P.S.

A PostScript or P.S. is best used as a reminder of your call to action. Tell them what they have just read and how it’s going to help their business, or how it will help solve a problem.

As most people are drawn to a P.S. and can’t resist reading it, you better use it. Ideal to give your reader one last push to take that next step and do what you want.

Now do it yourself

If you implement these tips into your email newsletters your success will be guaranteed. Just remember that people don’t have time to read everything and they are always in a hurry. So keep it short.

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