Gary Vaynerchuk, aka Gary Vee, entrepreneur and author of “The Thank You Economy,” is a very successful entrepreneur and social media expert. He is often credited for changing the face of marketing and making it more about people than percentages.

He is a motivational speaker and recently he was asked the following question in a Q&A session.

When is the best time to start monetizing a new blog (channel/content)?

Gary answered:

“People will not have any problem with you monetizing your content, they will have a problem with you selling out!”

It makes perfect sense… that is why I write this article.

When should you start monetizing any content?

You should start monetizing as soon as you have a blog, even if it is a blog about your life. Maybe you will not actually earn anything just yet, but you should set it up from the beginning.

It is actually very simple. We don’t mean placing ads, or selling courses, or books… You start or prepare for monetizing without selling anything.

How to prepare for monetizing from day 1?

If you can, you should make money from any content you publish on the Internet… that is easier said than done. The most important step to be prepared for monetizing you content is… building your list.

Cliché… again. Guru’s sometimes tell the truth. Building you e-mal list from day one is the smartest way to get to the actual monetizing as fast as possible.

How to start growing your email list?

Well, you can start by setting up landing pages for your blog posts. That is the most basic way to build an email list without selling anything.

You have to ask yourself just one question:

What would my blog posts benefit my audience?

If the answer is not obvious, they won’t bother subscribing to your posts.

Tips on how to get emails for your list:

  • Create a free download that helps your audience, and you let them know about it once they subscribe.
  • Use your email signature to give visitors an extra reason to sign up: “Join my e-mail list and get access to all of my posts and free downloads.” (Make sure it is not too long)
  • Send emails every time you publish a new post: “Don’t miss out on my best posts! Sign up for the e-mail list and get all of my free downloads.”
  • Tell people straight up why they should subscribe. Once you let them know, it will be easier to earn their trust because you are not trying to sell anything.
  • Once your list starts growing, you will be able to ask them for feedback, give them bonuses in exchange for their opinions, and much more.
  • Provide real value, whether it is a video, pdf, article, newsletter, free software,… basically you give away something of great value for your targeted audience.

You give and give and give, but not for free… in exchange for their email address.

That email list will become the biggest most valuable asset of your business. So start building it from day 1.

Why they don’t hate you for monetizing?

The reader will definitely not hate you for monetizing your content. The keyword again is value. If your readers come back because they enjoy and value your content, they will also like your advice and tips leading to a sale.

It is critical that your advise and suggestions assist them in resolving an issue, saving time, or looking cool. It must provide value.

What is selling out?

Selling out is when you tell your readers what to think, instead of thinking with them.

It is when you are trying to sell something that has absolutely no value or interest for your targeted audience. If you advice them to buy bad products, they will hate you for it. They will hunt you down and burn you at the stake… No only kidding.

But not giving value when trying to monetize will make you lose your readers or followers. The will not come back and it will ruin your business in the long run.

Your list, your readers are your greatest asset. Selling out on them will never, ever work out in your advantage.

Always be true, always be loyal, always provide value… people will notice when you don’t and simply vanish!


It is possible to monetize your blog without selling out. The key lies in providing value and not “selling” anything at all. Produce content that helps people, which can then lead to affiliate marketing opportunities or sponsored posts.

To start building an email list from day 1, consider creating landing pages for your blog posts that offer something of great interest (like a free download) in exchange for their email address. If they enjoy reading what you have to say, they’ll be more likely to buy into any advice or suggestions that may also provide them with some sort of value!

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